Based in Sungai Petani and we develop and produce highly impactful creative communications,
at the junction of culture, storytelling, and technology. We optimistically believe: Amongst an explosion of disposable content, a well-crafted, consistent brand story is only
becoming more precious
In the power of a small group coming together with big hearts.

That people only see what you make.


We work with some of the best leading brands, cultural influencers and top-tier production partners

Mavereeq recently collaborated with the bmw, naza group of companies, ecoworld, sime darby, as well as penang state, kedah state (jitu), cinta sayang resort, setia group and caliph group. Mavereeq sungai petani lives at the intersection of advertising, entertainment and marketing.

The founders and executive mavereeq have helped the community leading brands, athletes and celebrities tell authentic stories in culture for 10 years. Mavereeq have been ranked number one creative directors in north region of malaysia.